The success of installing a wall graphic is directly linked to a good design and preparation. Watch this video to learn how to tile a graphic in a RIP software and the proper way to prepare a graphic for installation.


Window graphics are often difficult installations because they demand visual perfection. Using a wet application can help make your project picture perfect. This video demonstrates how to correctly carry out a wet application.

Installing Large Interior Wall Graphics

Printed interior wall graphics are taking over paint and wallpaper. The ease of application and removal, customizability, and profitability are quickly making digital graphics the new standard.

Installing Large Exterior Wall Graphics

Applying graphics on exterior walls presents significantly greater challenges than interior walls. Learn the essentials of wrapping exterior walls with vinyl wall graphics, such as testing the surface for compatibility, preparing the wall surface and equipment, and much more.

Applying Vinyl into a Deep Channel

Many commercial wraps include difficult applications over and around deep channels. This video shows the ideal technique for installing vinyl into channels. Using heat on the proper areas of the graphic and stretching at the right stage will ensure that your graphic will stay down.

Testing an Interior Wall for Media Compatibility

The first step to qualifying a wall wrapping media is to analyze and properly test the surface for media compatibility.

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